Please read before sending in an application.

To all students interested in renting our home for the next academic season:

We have a very nice house, a very clean house with very nice furniture.

We ask that the students that send in applications understand that we are very hands on owners, and will not tolerate any disrespect and/or damage to our home or any disturbances to the neighborhood.

We live thirty minutes away which means if you have to have something fixed we can be there right away to take care of it.

As long as the house is being maintained properly and the terms of the lease are being met, you won't hear from us.

There is no rent reduction for less than six tenants.

Each tenant in your group must fully complete an individual application form.

One month rent is required as a security deposit. A copy of the lease will be provided once applications have been accepted.

All applications should be mailed together to the address supplied after an inquiry is made.
Due to recent scams the address is no longer listed on the website.

you can fill out the application on-line, save it to your computer, then email that copy to us.
Please indicate in the subject line whose group you belong to (ex. Joanne Smith's group)

<<< An application form will be provided by the owner for each person in your group to fill out and return before the lease is signed >>>